We always have several quality reining horses for sale. Our selection of available sale horses changes frequently so please check back later or contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

We would love to help you find your perfect horse!


Currently no weanlings available for sale
Whatta Gal    Sold!


Currently no yearlings available for sale


Currently no 2-year-olds available for sale
VG Hailey Wimpy Chex     Sold!
VG Nalu Inferno 66     Sold!
VG LittleSmokeyBlack     Sold!
Little Sam Jo      Sold!


Currently no 3-year-olds available for sale
Blithe The Whiz     Sold!

4-year-olds and up/ Show horses

Winston Smoking Gun
Wimpy Reloaded     Sold!
Honey Bee Frozen     Sold!
Wimpys Samoo Ray GG     Sold!

All-around horses

Currently no all-around horses available for sale
Enterprizingdunnit    Sold!


Currently no broodmares available for sale
Footworks For Me    Sold!

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